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Yatsugatake Creative Connection

A  hub that connects local issues and creators

In our office, various consultations (regarding issues/thoughts) received from the local area are matched with members of our office with diverse skills to team up to create projects in hopes of solving local issues.

There are also opportunities to help benefit the local community even whilst living in the city.


Our Two Approaches To Solving Regional Issues

Supporting Ideas:

We try to listen to thoughts and issues from the client and support ideas that may lead to solving the issue. Depending on the idea, it may lead to directly creating a project.

Skill Support:

Create projects with skilful creators and receive orders to help solve problems.


Past Projects Created From The Office:

Long established agar manufacturing product planning

The Japanese Southern alps salt youkan (Traditional Japanese treat)

Website design for “Kabochan Farm”

Benefits of Becoming a Yatsugatake Creative Connection Member

1. Join in on projects

You will be invited to join projects received from the region to promote the project


2. Participate in regularly held “Ideathons”

Brainstorm ideas to help decipher issues that the community faces in our regularly help “Ideathon” meetings. Depending on the idea, there is a possibility of starting projects.
*Ideas thought up at the “Ideathon” doesn’t necessarily  have to be lead by the individual who came up with the idea

3. Create a relationship with the community

By being a member of the Yatsugatake Creative Connection you are able to make personal connections with a number of local people as well as members of the office. This is a perfect opportunity for those looking to work with the community through multiple jobs or those considering moving or living in two locations. It can also be useful to those wishing to create opportunities to work closely with the community.


4. Other Incentives

There are many other benefits available only to members including:

  • Invitation to an exclusive social media site available to members only

  • Special rates to our accommodation facility

  • Invites to our regularly held office member exchange meetings

  • Rights to use our partner co-working spaces

  • Etc

How To Participate

The membership registration can be completed in three steps.


Step 1:
Please send the following information and documents to our email. We will then contact you to schedule an interview.

{Information to include in the email}
    Working style (Company name, individual business, manager, part-time, job, student, unemployed etc)
    Motivation to participate

{Documents To Attach}
    A CV (free format)
    Job history (free format, ideally 300-500 words)
    Portfolio (optional

  ▼Resume Sample      ▼Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Step 2: 

We will then hold an interview at Mori-No-Office, then inform you of our decision within a week of the interview.


Step 3:  

If the decision is made and you are able to participate we will invite you to our next scheduled “Ideathon” to register you as an official member or Yatsugatake Creative Connection member. *On top of a regular office member, we will register you as a Yatsugatake Creative Connection member

Annual Schedule

Participation in regular “Ideathons” and accompanying events will deepen interaction with local communities and members. If you are assigned to a project, you will be able to proceed individually - remote meetings or even using our office spaces.
We hope you can enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Yatsugatake!

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