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About us

Fujimi Mori-No-Office is a beautiful wooden architecture and was previously used  as a recreation facility (rest house) for a university. It was renovated to be opened in December, 2015.
It is not only achieving the purpose of promoting its attractive town for migration, but it is also a catalyst for people to work in the modern age style of  working remotely. We have people working freelance, full time workers with their head quarter offices in big cities, local employers, etc.
Morino Office became a gathering space to help create new projects by having the workers communicating, learning, and befriending each other.
It is also a place where people from all over Japan can gather information regarding migration, where they can talk about their employment inquiries, or to simply simply make friends and exchange information!

We pride ourselves in our established mission and vision.

Our Mission

To create new job opportunities for the local community, as well as new styles of working by connecting rural  and the urban areas.

Our Vision

To become a stimulating place for private and work lives where people, both from the local and urban areas, share their knowledge and skills.
As with anything, we still have room for improvement however we aim to be the catalyst for change in the way we work by innovating ideas and job opportunities to create an environment that wouldn't necessarily be possible in urban areas. We hope to support those who are beginning to adapt or hope to adopt this new style of working as well as those who have already begun this lifestyle.

You're always welcome if you have any inquires regarding the use of Morino-Office, migration or jobs!

Fujimi Town, Mori-No-Office,
Managing Director,

RouteDesign LLC,

Yoshio Tsuda

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