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Coworking space, Consulting, and Franchise Consultation

At the Fujimi Mori-No-Office, we provide consulting services for those who want to set up a work space, making use of their experience in setting up and operating co-working spaces.

  • Planning and development of new workspaces, and community spaces

  • Development of coworking space by the franchise method

Furthermore, Morino Office also provides support for those launching new businesses, and planning product development /service development; because our staff members (members as well) consist of people from various backgrounds and differing careers, we may be able to help you.

You never know, these connections may benefit you and your business in one way or another! 

Feel free to contact us regarding any of these matters:

  • Business development

  • Product planning, Service planning

  • Design

  • Marketing, Promotion

  • Recruiting

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